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Project Management

What We Do

Enterprise Project Management

Large enterprise wide application development is chaotic and noisy. There are many moving parts, personalities, deadlines and competing objectives. The pressures of managing this cacophony can be overwhelming - especially for those without the time required to devote for success or the experience of dealing with large project development.

Development teams are scattered across the globe working in all time zones and cultures. Our global experience has brought teams on multiple continents together to define, develop and test applications using the best of breed issue and agile development tools.

Allow InFront's experience to work for you to manage the chaos and quell the noise.

Agile Throughout

Proactive and Evolving Management

We will manage the entire development life cycle from requirement definition through to production release using frequent scrum and cadences. Prototyping, wiki and issue tracking tools will ensure a transparent, timely and cost effective development experience.

Design Sprint

Design Thinking In Action

We will work with key stakeholders in your organization to create a rapid prototype that will drive the project by executing a week long design sprint. During this intense week we facilitate collaboration on the overall design of the application using experimentation an interaction.

This week will begin with agreeing to the long term goals for the project and mapping the project. We'll then move on to storyboarding solutions, creating a rapid prototype and then testing that prototype.

After our sprint, we'll have a solid foundation that has pre-defined stakeholder buying to begin developing the ultimate application.

Planning and Reporting

Surprise Elimination

Long term project plans backed up by regularly scheduled sprints are well documented with burn down charts, status charts and SWOT analysis. You will always be informed about the state of the project.

SSAE-18 Attestation

Process and Conformance

Market conditions require strict definition and adherence to well defined processes. Our experience with SSAE-16/18 attestations for development as well as operations can help you obtain SSAE-18 type I and II attestations in the quickest and most pain free way possible.

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