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Custom Enterprise Software

Full Stack Development

Full Stack Development From Design to Deployment

We use popular technology to develop dynamic, data driven web sites for use in an intranet or extranet environment. Our web projects are typically large-scale multi-user applications with configurable security privileges to maintain enterprise asset and customer data. We support a wide variety of back end databases and can easily integrate with an existing legacy application's database.

Our team is skilled in the design of database schemas and build quality and durable databases designed for performance and flexibility. We are experienced in a wide spectrum of databases including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and Sybase.

Our team is experienced in Java, C#, Javascript, HTML and well versed in established frameworks and utilities like JQuery, Bootstrap and jOOQ.

Business Analysis and Requirements

A Plan and a Path

Working closely with your team to gather detailed requirements, we will define and refine those needs and create wire frames and a working prototype to provide visual course corrections in developing your application.

Throughout the project, we will supply detailed status and system documentation, and training to ensure a successful implementation and transition for your team.

Design Sprint

Design Thinking In Action

We will work with key stakeholders in your organization to create a rapid prototype that will drive the project by executing a week long design sprint. During this intense week we facilitate collaboration on the overall design of the application using experimentation and interaction.

This week will begin with agreeing to the long term goals for the project and mapping the project. We'll then move on to storyboarding solutions, creating a rapid prototype and then testing that prototype.

After our sprint, we'll have a solid foundation that has pre-defined stakeholder buying to begin developing the ultimate application.

Development and Testing

Building Your Solution

Working in Agile sprints, our development team will develop high quality software to meet your business needs and objectives. Frequent sprints will produce deliverables to ensure a high featured product that is well adapted to your processes.

All throughout, designs, issues, test cases and documentation is tracked in industry leading project management tools so that the history of design decisions remain long after the project is in production.

Documentation and Training

Why and How

Often overlooked as a secondary need. We believe quality documentation should be front of mind. End user documentation is best built into the system or as part of a readily accessible wiki.

Of equal importance is technical documentation. At InFront, we believe in-line code comments and self documenting code is a tenant of quality software development that is of equal importance on par with algorithms and design.

Product Management

Keeping Focus On What's Next

Product development does not end with a golden release. All successful applications require support and maintenance. We will manage this process for you or help you define a path forward while overseeing a careful transition.

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