Legacy PowerBuilder Conversions

The Old: Brought Into The Future

Legacy PowerBuilder Conversions

Legacies Become New Again

A Guide To The Future

PowerBuilder was a technical force in the nineties, setting the standard for rapid application development. Unfortunately, through a couple of sales to larger competitors who had no interest in moving the product forward, its feature set languished and left thousands of valuable applications trapped in the 20th century. InFront's team's background was rooted in PowerBuilder and we can help show you the way out to the future by migrating those legacy applications to 21st century technologies.

Analysis and Evaluation

From Baseline to Finish Line

InFront has been there and we know the way out. We will evaluate the legacy PowerBuilder application and understand the architecture. We are experts in the PowerBuilder Foundation Class and can determine the best way to migrate the application. Our database design experts can determine what parts of the data model are viable and what needs to be rearchitected.

Understanding the code is an important step in understanding logic that may exist in your business processes and procedures that are not fully understood because they've been codified into the application for decades.

Our expert knowledge of Powerscript, dataobjects and PFC/PFE layers combined with our Enterprise Software Development and Project Management acumen, InFront can make the migration of mission critical legacy applications as smooth and seamless as possible.

Technology Stack Selection

What's Best For Your Organization

InFront will work with your organization to determine the best technology stack for your company. Our skills cross vendor and platform, so the new application can be architectured around Java or ASP.NET (ASP.NET Core) technologies if they are already company standards. If the stack is not already predetermined by your IT team, InFront will work with you to determine the best solution for your organization.

InFront's Java Framework

A Step Ahead

If a Java stack is the right choice for your company, InFront can offer a jump start on the development using our framework of components created that mimic PowerBuilder's dataobject. Built around jOOQ for type safe data retrieval, we've built sorting, filtering and persistence functionality that will make a PowerBuilder developer comfortable.

The framework is 100% native Java and is supplied with full license rights so you can feel comfortable with future maintenance and viability of the reengineered solution.

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